The increasingly developed social network forces human to wear different social masks and create different "perfect" social identities to adapt to various social networks. The truest self is disguised, and people always want to show their perfect side on the Internet in order to win the praise and admiration of others. Pretending to have an imaginary happy life on the Internet, and pretending to love your life. Little do they know that under the exquisite masks are the lonely and fearful eyes, they afraid that if they take off masks and get along with others, they may gain much more painful injuries. Through this method of escaping from reality, they may get short-term happiness, but after returning to reality, there will gain endless emptiness.

Charlie Luciano AW23 collection focuses on "Disguise". Adopting various silhouettes and perfect craftsmanship, Charlie Luciano uses absurd way to reshape the characters and stories in Charlie's world. Insisting the consistent innovative concept, CHARLIE LUCIANO still releases many creative items in the AW23 collection. Focusing on the faces and masks, the creative design team perfectly combines images with different styles of apparels, makes them charming and interesting. 

Charlie Luciano trying to appeal to people to tear off the camouflage clothes, take off the camouflage mask, and release the your real soul. Life is always your own, in fact, you don't need to be so concerned about the outside world's views. when you pay more attention to your heart and your dreams, you will find that you are getting better and better.