CHARLIE LUCIANO 2022AW collection tries to focus on the animal world and start an exciting "ANIMAL GAMES" with animals. CHARLIE LUCIANO becomes an animal companion, cooperates with animals to embark on a new adventure. The 2022AW collection overturned the magic color palette, integrates CHARLIE LUCIANO´s grotesque dress code, and adopts various innovative techniques to release a variety of refreshing items.

The calm sea, the golden beach, and the psychedelic palms weave together to create a dreamy and charming scene. The sea always symbolizes journey and adventure, and it is also full of infinite hope and reverie. The vast sea meets the sky, and models wearing CHARLIE LUCIANO apparels seem to be integrated with the wonderful scenery of nature, exuding unparalleled vitality and light, as if every frame is telling a romantic declaration about freedom.

Insisting the consistent innovative concept, CHARLIE LUCIANO still releases many creative items in the 2022AW collection. Focusing on the "ANIMAL GAMES", the creative design team perfectly combines 3D animal dolls with different styles of apparels, makes them charming and interesting. The cute furry prints brings wild and natural fashion to the sweater and provide warm options for winter dress.A variety of garments with heart prints are released, the love can be dedicated to lovers, animal companions, and people who love fashion. CHARLIE LUCIANO never gives up innovation and thinking, more creative items will be launched one after another.

The "ANIMAL GAMES" collection aims to draw peoples attention to animals. Human beings have already brought too much harm to nature and animals, they should take this as a warning, vigorously advocate the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and protect the ecological environment and animal companions. Please embrace the lovely animals, they always need more love and care.