Where is the next station?

The Paris Fashion Week has been ended successfully. The Tranoï trade show always brought great surprises to public. Charlie Lucianos Paris trip with Tranoï has attracted so many fashion buyers from all over the world. They were fascinated byCharlie Lucianos neutral dress code, which is quite grotesque, rebellious and brilliant.

Tranoï, which means "between us" in Italian, is an artistic platform that brings together outstanding avant-garde and emerging designers. Tranoï identifies and selects designers from all over the world based on three criteria: product originality, innovation and high standards. Tranoï is a champion for fashion that sparks emotion and expresses a powerful, precise vision. Every year, fashion designers and buyers from all over the world gather in Tranoï, where different cultures and arts collide with brilliant sparks. Charlie Luciano is honored to participate in the 22AW trade show and looks forward to meeting you.

It isa fashion collision. It is a cultural exchange. So next stop, where will Charlie Luciano go? Lets see...