Charlie Lucianos 2021FW campaign chose Gobi as a scene for a fashion exploration. In the crevices of the ground, weeds are overgrown, and there is no oasis in sight. There is nowhere to be found where birds and fishes live and multiply. A barren, desolate and lifeless. The Gobi Desert is sometimes quiet and suffocating. Occasionally, a whirlwind rolls up the yellow sand and lifts into the air, giving it an inexplicable silence. The vegetation is like a forgotten tough soul, showing a beautiful posture of barbaric growth, attracting us to explore freedom.

In the Gobi, fashionable Charlie Luciano hipsters, strolling freely, exploring the Internet and talking on the phone, are comfortable and free, as if they are still walking in the concrete urban palace. Crowds become wandering individuals, each uniquely experiencing a vast, beautiful world. In the 2021FW campaign, Charlie Luciano has made a great visual impact, breaking through both logical and practical view of reality, creating a double paradox from psychology and vision, and sublimating the brands ongoing discussion of paradox.

The 2021FW collection uses printing, embroidery, tweed weaving and other techniques to extend and reproduce Charlie Lucianos unique creative aesthetics. The loose-shaped, highly weighted fabric emphasizes the tenacity and courage of young people, and extends to the topic of breakthrough and growth. In the new collection, Charlie Luciano breaks through the inherent framework of the past, applies new tweed fabrics to more products, combining with a variety of fashionable silhouettes, to injects fresh blood into the brands tweed army.

The flowing sand erases the traces of the wind, tolerates the exchanges.  Hipsters hear the call from the vast desert in the change, step into it, and start a journey of self-exploration.