About Us

Charlie Luciano started out as an idea, an idea to create something entirely unique, something that is not generic and expressionless.

Inspired by ancient symbols of astrology and aerospace knowledge, Charlie Luciano Collections have since been made with the highest quality of embroidery,

 and a rather technical embroidery sequence to create an outstanding, balanced styling line which is suitable for daily life.

Having started out as an experimental line of unisex collections with innovative and natural art inspired designs back in 2015,

the brand seeks to create a definitive objective that focuses on creating a distinct line of clothing.

Now a worldwide brand that is dedicated to project a past-future timeline designing idea, which is a reflection of historical aesthetics showcased by acute modern styling methods and principles.

Charlie Luciano made its first debut on April 3rd 2016, and it successfully received coverage around the world. The brand carries forward elements of thoughtful deep understanding while it reflects modern fashion on the surface.

The mixture of all these elements results in the perfect blend to give an outstanding and individualized finish to all our brand designs.

Charlie Luciano in particular keeps capturing attentions of people who have been influencing the global fashion industry.

Charlie Luciano is opening its first showroom in Milan, while Hong Kong& Tokyo studios are in preparation. Its evolution will never stop, as there is no limit to what the universe has to offer.